Monday, May 18, 2015

#45 Why Families Should Use NCSA

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.  --Carl Sandburg

As I tell families, I was born in the middle of a cornfield in a tiny town in rural northern Illinois. Neither of my parents went to college, so we were, quite frankly, clueless to not only the recruitment process but to the plethora of opportunities in the country that I was capable of attending and playing sports.  The love and support I had from my family was invaluable, and I truly believe that I received a great education from my seasoned teachers.  However, college athletics was something that seemed unattainable to someone like me, and no one in my hometown knew any different.  Sound familiar?
Since I started coaching at the college level in the early 2000's, I began to utilize NCSA Athletic Recruiting for their expertise in helping me find young people around the country that fit my program and helped make my process of filling my roster with talented young people from around the country/world a much more efficient process.  See Post #43.  

Now that I scout full-time for NCSA, I wish NCSA would have been around 25 years ago when I was going through this scary journey.  So many families come to me and our team every day from around the world [We will evaluate close to 1 million student-athletes world-wide this year alone] feeling just like my family and I did.  They are lost.  They are not even sure college athletics is possible for their child.  They are searching for answers and clarity.  Most have heard 20 different things from 20 different people and no one seems to have the right answers for them.

NCSA takes politics, HS/Club reputation, geography, economics, and relationships out of the equation.  We care only that we educate families on the facts, and in the meantime, find great young student-athletes that fit the qualifications/criteria of the 40,000+ coaches we recruit for who demand outstanding young people from us.

Why should your family choose to be evaluated by an NCSA Head Scout?

1.  You will be evaluated by college scouts/former college coaches/athletes FOR college coaches
2.  You will have national exposure to every college program in the country
3.  You will learn your value at the college level and be taught how to create leverage for your future, so you have choices to where you play and go to college
4.  You will be treated as an individual, and your individual preferences will always be our priorities
5.  You will have the BEST tools and resources on the planet to get matched with every coach in the country
6.  If you are qualified (.See Post #41), you will begin communicating with those coaches immediately.

The next question I always get...What does this all cost?  We are the National Collegiate Scouting Association (, so we have to find 10s-of-thousands of student-athletes every year who are capable of playing at the next level.  With that said, we do not charge for any evaluation, nor do we charge qualified student-athletes from having an activated profile in our network.  Therefore, if you are qualified, you can be visible to every college coach in the country.

Granted, most families, after activation, choose to partner with NCSA and invest in a membership with us.  Memberships allow families to use our services and tools to maximize their respective child's recruitment.  We will produce professional highlight films, evaluate athletes and match them with best-fit colleges around the country, educate families on the intricacies of college recruiting in our nightly live webinars, tutor student-athletes in preparation for the ACT/SAT in partnership with world class Princeton Review tutors, and we will even help our student-athletes with their career development and our extremely popular job/internship board.

We even have processes in place that allow us to help EVERY family no matter their financial situation.  Grants and scholarships are available to those who qualify, and with our partnership with the NFLPA, we are able to help thousands of kids and low income families every year make their dream of going to college come true.

I want to help your child play sports in college, and I need great student-athletes to introduce to our coaches.  The great thing about this opportunity is that you can accomplish a lot of your present recruitment needs as a family without having to invest.  Regardless of your needs, we want every student-athlete to find their path to college.

What are you waiting for?  Go make your dreams come true today.  Get evaluated and take control of your future!

Coach Matt Rogers
Head National Scout
NCSA Athletic Recruiting
Twitter:  @madcoachdiary