Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#50 The Parent Plan: Paying For College [Updated]

Studying is something I really love doing, and I just hope to have enough money for tuition.  --Alexandra Kosteniuk
I have been meaning to write an update to my blog about financing college [you can find the original here [Paying for College], and I received a great boost of motivation from my new friend, Nina Milar, at  She had some great updated information that she shared with me that I was more than happy to share with you.
I encourage you to check out their website and the tools they have available to all of you immediately.  Below you will see some great links to start your journey to helping pay for your college tuition!
I'm going to take the liberty of para-phrasing a lot what Nina shared with me below (thanks Nina!).  Kudos to for making this a much more efficient process for all of us! recently overhauled their FASFA guide and updated it for 2016. In the course of their research, they found that most students were not aware that nearly all of them are eligible for some form of financial aid. So they decided to create a user-friendly guide that clarifies common questions, making it easier for students to have access to the support they qualify for to start or continue their education.

You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here:

Largely in part because of their non-biased, data-driven approach, they are a trusted source for government entities and organizations throughout the US. Many publications and organizations already use their guides as resources for their readers. Here are a few examples:
  1. State of North Dakota,, listed as “Best Schools”
  2. Iowa STEM,, listed as “Financial Aid Guide for Online Students”
  3. State of Montana,, listed as “Online Colleges”
If you have any questions about any of this information or would like to discuss your child's recruitment strategy, you can reach me through any of my information below!
Go make your dreams come true!!!

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