Friday, October 18, 2013

#032 Movie Review: Gravity

Gravity.  It is far and away the closest any of us Earth-bound people will ever get to experiencing space in all of its realities.  Director Alfonso Cuaron takes film making where it has never gone before while changing the possibilities of movies for all future productions.  It is simply breath-taking.  I had to keep reminding myself that the actors were not actually hundreds of miles above the planet in space.  It was that real to the point of surreal...almost like you are having a vivid dream; especially in 3D as we watched it.

If I could use one word to define the movie, it would be "hopelessness."  That is how you feel for an hour and ten minutes of the film's 1 hour and 31 minute run time.  If there are young people out there dreaming of being an astronaut, this film will either change your mind forever or solidify that your dreams are truly significant and a tad bit crazy. 

Sandra Bullock's performance is her tour de force.  Every emotion she experiences, you will experience right along with her.  And because I don't want to give too much away if you haven't seen it, just know that George Clooney's role is not as large, in terms of screen time, as you might think.  Nevertheless, his performance is very strong as well.  He takes on a much more unique role than fans of his are used to.

Overall, it is a very good movie.  Oscar worthy?  Considering that very few movies have blown me a way so far this year, it has a good shot in my eyes.  If Castaway and Apollo 13 had a baby, this movie would be it.  Go see it.  Maybe keep the pre-12 kids away for some very scary scenes and some awful violent visuals, but I think it is a must see for those who like Bullock and Clooney and like to go to theatres for suspense and drama.  3 1/2 dribbles out of 4.

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Matt Rogers
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