Friday, September 27, 2013

#019 Mentors To Share

I have been very blessed over the course of my career to work with unbelievable people who have become my friends and mentors.  I thought that instead of writing my own words today, I would help you all experience some of the people who have inspired me and continue to be great resources in my life.  I think you will find that all three of these people are the types of individuals who will make you better just by reading their words or being in their presence.  Enjoy!

Dr. Beth Triplett, Vice President of Clarke University
Beth writes a daily leadership blog that not only shares invaluable tools for your life and career, but she will humble you with her ability to speak with conviction and teach with efficiency.  I highly advise you to subscribe to her blog.  #313 is the post that woke me up and made me a believer.  She's also a fantastic speaker and leadership trainer and was a great colleague!

Ms. Debbi O'Reilly, Career Strategist and Founder of
Debbi is the preeminent career counselor and resume writer in the business.  No matter what industry you are in or career path you are on, Debbi will give you confidence and a better understanding of your own experiences and worth than you could have ever imagined.  She'll even let you call her Mom! 

Mr. Michael Miller, Inspirational Speaker and Trainer
Once you meet Michael, you'll quickly bring your A-game because that is all he knows.  Michael changed my career for the better because he refuses to believe there is not more to your personal potential.  I have seen him first hand save a University by teaching the entire community how to live and work in a vibrant and synergistic environment.  If your school or business ever needs a culture change, Michael is your man.  There is no one better when it comes to inspiring and training teams and organizations.